Flux Checkout Documentation

  • Installation

    To install the plugin, simply upload the .zip file you downloaded after purchasing Flux Checkout under Plugins > Add New > Upload.

    Alternatively, you can upload the unzipped folder via FTP to wp-content/plugins, then activate the plugin in the Wordpress backend.

    After activating the plugin, visit your store on a mobile device, add a product to the cart and visit the checkout to see Flux Checkout in action.

  • Plugin Settings

    You can find the settings for Flux Checkout under Settings > Flux Checkout.

    General Settings:

    Flux Checkout License Key: You'll need to enter your license to continue receiving updates to the plugin. Your license would of been emailed to you after purchasing Flux Checkout.

    Google API Key: You'll need to enter a Google API key to use the address autocomplete functionality of Flux Checkout. See the Address Autocomplete section of this documentation to set this up.

    Show Company field: Most businesses don't require this during the Billing Details section of the checkout so we have hidden this by default to reduce the amount of unnessesary fields. Tick this option to show it if you do require this field. Note that the Company name field will still be visible on the Shipping Address section.

    Use Address Autocomplete: This option is used to enable or disable the address autocomplete functionality.

    Header Settings, Cart Settings & Style: These settings are self explanatory and only include styling options for the header, cart and checkout.

  • Address Autocomplete

    To enable the address autocomplete functionality you will need to enter your Google API Key.

    How to get your Google API Key:

    Step 1: Visit this link, make sure you're logged in and then click the "Get a Key" button.

    Step 2: Create a new project, give it a name, agree to the terms and then create & enable API key.

    Step 3: You should now see your API key. Copy the API key and paste it into the "Google API Key" field in the Flux Checkout settings.

    Step 4: Visit this link and you should be asked to "Register your application for Google Places API Web Service in Google API Console". Select your project created in step 2, agree to the terms and continue.

    Step 5: You should now be directed to your API manager dashboard. Using the search bar at the top, search: "Google Maps JavaScript API" and then enable this API.


    Address Translation:

    Need your address to show up in a different language? You can easily add a language identifier to your Google Places API key. In the plugin settings, where your Google API Key is saved, add: YOURAPIKEY?language=ja

    Find more information on languages here.

  • Customizing the Form

    Flux Checkout uses the default WooCommerce checkout hooks and filters. So any customizations that you have made in another plugin or theme, will still work.

    Changing Checkout Fields: Flux Checkout supports the default ways of changing WooCommerce checkout fields. You can use custom code or plugin's such as WooCommerce Checkout Manager or WooCommerce Checkout Add-Ons.