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Multi-Step Checkout

A simple but effective solution to reducing the number of fields a customer is first presented with.

Each step is designed to contain the smallest amount of fields and actions possible so that you can convert more customers.

Visually track progress as you make your way through the checkout. Steps are editable once complete and any errors are clearly highlighted.

Address Autocomplete

The address section of the WooCommerce checkout is the most time consuming and contains the largest amount of input fields.

By using a single input field for the address lookup, you can turn 6 fields into 1 and save your customers a ton of time.

Simply start typing your address and the address lookup will begin to autocomplete with your address to select from.

  • Login
  • Coupon
  • Errors
  • Spinner

Animations & Modals

Elements such as the login fields and coupon field have been moved off-screen, ready to be shown when needed.

Flux Checkout offers an app like experience with animations that go far beyond your standard responsive checkout.

Including a full screen experience, off-screen transitions, modals, field and error highlighting, switches & more.


Mobile Optimised

A full screen mobile experience that's optimized for touch and includes mobile specific keypads.


Material Design

Inspired by Google's Material Design, Flux Checkout offers a design familiar to the majority of smartphone users.


Highly Customisable

Tons of options, a beautiful color palette and over 200 gradients to choose from.

Try Flux Checkout live on your mobile device or desktop.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which devices does Flux Checkout work on?

Any desktop computer or mobile on device's such as an iPhone, Android, iPad, etc.

WooCommerce plugin and theme compatibility?

Flux Checkout uses the default WooCommerce checkout hooks and filters. Any customizations that you have made in another WooCommerce plugin or theme, will still work.

How does the address autocomplete work?

Flux Checkout uses the Google Maps API to power the instant search functionality. You will need to obtain your own free API key to use this feature.

My checkout already uses an address autocomplete plugin?

You can disable our address autocomplete functionality and Flux Checkout is compatible with the popular address autocomplete plugins currently on the market.

Translation ready?

The front and back-end of Flux Checkout is completely translation ready and it comes with 12 translations including German, French, Spanish, Dutch and more..

But my checkout is already responsive?

Having a responsive checkout is a good start but mobile checkouts need more mobile focused features to give the customer the best possible experience.

With the large amount of fields a checkout requires, on mobile the customer is presented with a very long and daunting page and it lacks many features needed to create a smooth journey throughout the checkout.

License renewals

All licenses are yearly and you can optionally renew at the end of the year for 30% off the original price paid.

Make it easier to buy from you on mobile.